About Me

Hello everyone! I am Danielle, the owner of Kismet Gemz. I started this business becasue I fell in love with crystals about three years ago and had the bright idea to start wire wrapping them to make necklaces for myself. My journey with this business has been a rollercoaster of being consistent then doing nothing for a year, but in 2020 I decided to start over and take it seriously. My business recently grew an extreme amount which allowed me to expand my shop to selling individual crystals as well which I love doing! My hard work is paying which I am extremely excited and grateful for, and I now am working for myself full time! A couple ways to connect with me is through Tik Tok and Instagram @kismetgemz! Thank you for supporting me!

If you have any issues with your order you can email be at yourkismetjewelry@gmail.com or kismetgemz@gmail.com!