Crystal Properties

Amazonite is great far truth, peace, harmony, and communication. This crystal also encourages love, inspiration, and free speech. 

Amethyst is the crystal for relieving stress, boosting your intuition, and is also a great beginner crystal!

Angelite will help you bring yourself to a high frequency to connect you to your guardian angels and spirit guides. This crystal is also great at calming your mind and body to aid in alleviating overwhelming emotions.

Aquamarine connects your heart and throat allowing you to be able to communicate your emotions. Aquamarine also calms your emotions in times of anger and distress. 

Auralite 23 is made up of 23 different minerals combined with the base of Amethyst being: gold, silver, nickel, copper, limonite, iron, covellite, saphalerite, chalcopyrite, epidote, gilalite, bornite, rutile, geothite, pyrolusite, pyrite, magnetite, lepidocrocite, ajoite, hematite, titanite, and cacoxenite.

Azurite Malachite enhances creativity and inner wisdom . This stone is also great to help you stand up for yourself and remove the people pleasing behavior. The malachite in this crystal aids in opening the heart like every other malachite crystal.

Black Kyanite is one of the strongest protection crystals. This crystal is great to meditate with because it will activate the entire chakra column.

Black tourmaline is a great beginner crystal and can help protect you from negativity.

Bloodstone is a great crystal to help boost creativity, confidence, and motivation!

Blue Apatite is a powerful manifestation crystal resonating with your Third Eye by increasing intuition, activating your psychic abilities, and expanding your knowledge. 

Blue Calcite is a great calming to help relaxation and inner peace.

Blue Kyanite is a great aids in deeper meditation, sleep, dreams, and intuition.

Blue Lace Agate is great to enhance communication skills by giving you the strength to speak your mind. This crystal can also aid with confidence and bring clarity within yourself.

Botswana Agate helps  you to open your mind to an abundance of knowledge to push you towards your higher-self. Botswana Agate also helps you connect to your spirit guides and guardian angels. 

Bumblebee Jasper can help maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. Bumblebee Jasper connects to your solar plexus and sacral chakra allowing you to understand your emotional body more.

Carnelian is a crystal for creativity, motivation and confidence. Keep this crystal near when you’re in a creative rut or in need a boost in motivation to keep going.

Citrine is the money magnet crystal! Natural citrine is a powerful crystal to attract abundance and good fortune into your life! Pair this crystal with clear quartz, green aventurine, and pyrite to strengthen its properties!

Clear Quartz is the master crystal. This crystal can also help strengthen the properties of other crystals.

Chrysocolla is an amazing crystal to aid in communication, calming the body when overwhelmed, and feeling empowered. Carry Chrysocolla on you when in a job interview, doing a school presentation, or just living your daily life to give you the extra strength to speak your mind. 

Dalmatian Jasper is a great crystal to boost confidence and to aid you in reaching your goals.

Dragon stone activates and unblocks the heart. This crystal is also excellent for manifestations.

Flower agate can aid you in reaching your highest potential while protecting you from your fears. Flower agate is also a powerful manifesting stone aiding your in pursuing your dreams!

Fluorite is the crystal for clarity and mental enhancement. This crystal can help to clear negative energy and aid you in decision making.

Fuchsite is a crystal for compassionate energy to help rejuvenate an emotional body. This crystal can also help provide mental clarity to connect with your inner self.

Garnet is a crystal that awakens your inner strength to boost your confidence! 

Grape Agate assists you in increasing your intuition, active psychic abilities, and understanding your dreams. Place a piece of Grape Agate near your bed when you sleep to assist you in remembering your dreams! 

Green Aventurine is the crystal for good luck and fortune. This crystal can also aid in strength, confidence, courage, and happiness.

Green Kyanite works deeply with your heart to help you become aware of what needs healing emotionally. By healing your heart you are then able to strengthen your whole being and ward off negativity. 

Green Opal is all about love and the heart to aid those struggling with emotional baggage. Green Opal is also great in aiding with calming the body during emotional distress.

Hematite is a powerful grounding and protection stone. This crystal will help you refocus your thoughts and build up strength.

Honey Calcite helps you to feel more empowered, by easing your troubles during hard times. If you’re looking for another powerful confidence crystal, this is it! 

Howlite is great for emotional healing and calming the mind and body. This relaxing crystal can also aid in sleep, so place a piece of Howlite under your pillow to aid in a good night’s rest. Howlite can also help those grieving and healing from trauma. 

Jet clears the negative energy surrounding your aura while also bringing in positive energy. 

Kambaba Jasper helps heal the heart and calm negative emotions like jealousy, grief, anger, and sadness. Kambaba also has a great connection to Mother Nature, so mediating with this crystal can help ground you and strengthen your connection with nature. 

Kunzite is a crystal to aid love and relationships, stress relief, creativity, and intuition. The purple shade of this dainty pendant goes great with any outfit or layered necklaces.

Labradorite is the crystal for transformation. This crystal can aid with easing anxiety and self doubt. This crystal can also help with increasing intuition and psychic abilities.

Lepidolite is a crystal great for relaxation, calming the mind and body, aids with sleep, and love.

Malachite is the crystal for transformation and boosting your confidence! It can also help protect against negative energies, help with emotional balance, and opening the heart.

Morganite is a very strong crystal to help the heart. This crystal gives off love and compassionate energy to help you open up and cleanse your heart.

Moss Agate aids us in being closer to Mother Earth, encourages self expression, and rebuilding your connection to nature. Meditate with Moss Agate to help connect back to your roots.

Nephrite Jade is great for protection, luck, and good health. This is the stone of abundance to aid you with improving your financial stability!

Obsidian cleanses negative energy from your environment and auric field. This crystal also had great grounding frequencies and can aid with creativity.

Ocean jasper helps someone to heal and find resolution in their emotions, relationships, and themselves. This crystal can also aid you in becoming more confident and comfortable with yourself.

Opal intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions and also encourages freedom and independence. Opal can also bring food fortune, peace, joy, and wealth.

Opalite can help to stabilize mood swings, overcome tiredness, and clear thinking. 

Orange Calcite aids with increasing confidence and self esteem. This crystal helps with energizing the body and unleashing your creative energy.

Peach Moonstone increases self love, feminine energy, joy, and peace of mind. 

Pink Opal is a powerful crystal when working with the heart. This crystal can help open your heart chakra to help you get through moments of sadness or heartbreak.

Pink Tourmaline is the stone of love, compassion, emotional healing, and self love. The Quartz inclusions aids in strengthening the proof pink tourmaline to make this a great healing stone.

Polychrome Jasper helps you realize and be comfortable with your true self. Polychrome jasper helps you adapt to new environments making it a great transformational or an everyday stone!

Prehnite connects your heart to your will power making it an extremely powerful manifestation crystal. By having your mind and heart connected, chasing your goals and believing in yourself will become easier.

Pyrite is a very strong manifestation crystal to meditation with or just carry with you during your day. Pyrite is also strongly associated with good luck and fortune.

Rainbow moonstone, also known as white Labradorite, is a great transformation stone even for short term accomplishments! Pair this crystal with Labradorite, Bumblebee Jasper, or Aragonite to help bring more transformation to your life!

Rainbow Obsidian is formed from cooled lava with Magnetite. Rainbow Obsidian can help ground you and heal a broken heart. Those going through a grieving period could benefit from having Rainbow Obsidian near. 

Red Jasper is a great grounding crystal. This crystal can also help with procrastination and distraction to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Rhodonite is the crystal for love and balance! This crystal is great for fully clearing, stimulating, and reactivating the heart. This crystal can help with increasing self love so you are able love others, and can also aid with anxiety relief.

Rhodochrosite helps to heal your emotional body by releasing pain and trauma. If you need a switch from Rose Quartz then this crystal is perfect for you.

Rose Quartz is the crystal for love of course! Whether it be wanting to strengthen self love or love within different relationships, their crystal is great for just that!

Rutile Quartz is an extremely powerful and high frequency crystal making it not ideal for beginners. This crystal can accelerate every aspect of your life as well as help you channel your psychic abilities and manifestations. Make sure to pair this crystal with and grounding and protection stone like black tourmaline or black Opal.

Satin spar/ Selenite cleansed negative energy and cleanse your crystals! Place a crystal on a piece of Satin Spar to cleanse your crystals in a safe way!

Serpentine is connected to nature making it a great crystal to meditate outside with. Serpentine also aids in healing the heart while giving you the ability to love and express your emotions making it a great transformational stone as well.

Smoky Quartz is one of the strongest crystals to transmute negative energy. This crystal can also help you break bad habits and patterns to help you increase your inner strength!

Snowflake Obsidian is a great grounding and protection crystal. This crystal can also help you stay focused and determined on tasks.

Sodalite is great to increase ones intuition and mental capabilities. Sodalite is also great to use during meditation.

Tiger’s eye is the stone for strength, courage, and confidence. This powerful crystal is great when needing a transformation in your life.